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STEM Academy - 360 Tour  //  4.17.2013
An interactive 360 degree tour of STEM Academy's "Project Room" guided by the school's principal.

Project Description

The STEM Academy is a school that specializes in project based learning with a focus on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. This WebOuts 360 Tour gives parents an opportunity to virtually explore STEM Academy's Project Room, meet their teachers, and hear from parents and student.

When the tour first loads you will be greeted by the schools principal and invited to look around the room. As you look around you will see objects outlined in white, as well as green play buttons. The objects outlined in white are image hotspots with descriptive captions and the green play icons features video interviews with students, parents, and teachers. Just for fun, we also built in a couple of invisible hotspots hidden around the room; if you mouse over a hidden hotspot, a white outline will appear and you can click to watch a short video.

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