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Miles Kimball "Flying Monkey" WebOuts  //  2.15.2011
By utilizing targeted WebOuts, Miles Kimball was able to double sales and increase traffic by 1500% to their product page.

Project Description

The Client
The Miles Kimball Company has been a leader in catalog sales for decades. They offer unique, useful, and fun items from cards, household, gardening, and children’s items to delicious candies and personalized items. Their offerings are too numerous to list and that’s part of the fun of the Miles Kimball catalog whether in print or online. Miles Kimball is located in downtown Oshkosh just feet away from the beautiful Fox River. With catalog sales’ experience that reaches back nearly 75 years Miles Kimball has leveraged its expertise and grown into multiple successful brands.

The Challenge and the Product
Miles Kimball was extremely interested in learning how they could apply the communication strengths of WebOuts to promote their products online. After much consultation a test product was selected to promote (the Flying Monkey) and WebOuts was challenged with the task of proposing ways to drive site traffic to the product and generate sales from that traffic.

The Flying Monkey is a slender plush toy with a cape and classic superhero mask. With finger pockets built into its hands and stretchy bands stitched into its arms, a person can launch the Flying Monkey across the room as if fired from a slingshot. When the Flying Monkey is launched it sends out an audible monkey cry that is addictively fun. When friends see you with a Flying Monkey everyone wants to take a turn.

Miles Kimball was interested in tracking results and learning if WebOuts would work for online catalog sales. The test took place during one of the slowest months of the year for Miles Kimball. Our challenge was to boost sales for the Flying Monkey when customers were traditionally unlikely to make a purchase.

Our Proposal
After collaboration with the professionals at Miles Kimball we proposed a WebOut on the client’s home page to drive interest in, and to drive traffic to, the Flying Monkey product page. Once there we proposed a second WebOut to educate the visitor on how easily the Flying Monkey works and to help the visitor imagine the fun that they could have if they had a Flying Monkey too.

The Flying monkey is an interesting and fun product, and we knew the WebOuts’ messages needed to be just as creative and fun to successfully promote the Flying Monkey. We proposed several creative ideas and, after collaborating further with Miles Kimball, together we settled upon a fun-at-work creative idea and selected talent that was so positive and expressive that the viewer couldn’t help but be drawn into the moment.

The Results
What defines results is different for our many clients. The vast majority of our clients are looking to extend a relational welcome to an online marketing world largely filled with cold and impersonal online brochures. E-commerce on the other hand is filled with real-world straightforward and classic return on investment opportunities. In this scenario, traffic was measurable and so were the resulting real-world sales. The results were simple and clear:

WebOuts increased traffic to the Flying Monkey by 1,500%. 

WebOuts doubled the sales of the Flying Monkey for the time the WebOuts were live. 

Sales of the Flying Monkey, on the day the Flying Monkey was launched, were the second highest day ever for this product.  While the launch day was on the slowest time of year for Miles Kimball, sales of the Flying Monkey on that day were second only to a Christmas shopping season day sales record high for this product. 

Orders for multiple Flying Monkeys increased. 

Despite a low retail price, Miles Kimball quickly recouped its investment in their WebOuts and can use the WebOuts to help promote their Flying Monkey for as long as they wish. So, their opportunity to increase sales with their WebOuts is open-ended!

Client Testimonial

Project White Paper
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