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CMD 864 - Product 360  //  7.24.2012
An advanced machine designed for emerging countries, an advanced platform to provide access to international buyers.

Project Description

It’s very easy to take a simple household item like a garbage bag for granted, but when we look deeper it’s amazing to see the complex machinery that allows manufacturers to produce these bags in massive quantities, making it profitable for their businesses and affordable to consumers. In 2012 CMD launched the CMD 864, a machine that was specifically designed for emerging countries, giving them access to rapidly produce their own bags locally at a fraction of the cost.

Realizing that international buyers may not be in the position to make a trip across the world to purchase a single machine, CMD needed a way to provide potential buyers with a chance to inspect the machine form every angle and learn about its unique capabilities. They were able to accomplish this with a WebOuts 360, a turnkey solution from WebOuts, LLC.

The WebOuts team made a trip to CMD’s manufacturing facility and photographed the 12’ long machine in 360 degrees. While we were there we also took artistic photos of the machine in action. We also interviewed product engineers, supervisors, and sales experts to learn about how it works and what makes it unique. From there we put together several custom scripts and filmed presentations that would be put into the WebOuts 360.

The end result an interactive tour that allowed visitors to view the CMD 864 in 360 degrees, zoom in for extreme details, view custom photography in a photo gallery, read about product features and specifications, and view informational presentations given by CMD’s very own product experts.

As you take this WebOuts 360 for a “spin”, consider how we can help you present your products and services in a whole new way.

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Project White Paper
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