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Camera Corner - Expo Email  //  5.19.2011
A light-hearted WebOuts Email that engages customers and delivers important feedback.

Project Description

For over 30 years, Camera Corner Connecting Point in Green Bay, Wisconsin has held a yearly technology expo.  The expo provides an opportunity for vendors to meet their customers in person and provide hands-on demonstrations of their latest products. This one-day event also includes seminars that are information packed and cover the latest trends in technology.

Each year’s expo has a special theme to it.  In light of Green Bay’s professional football becoming world champions, the expo’s theme was “Super Expo”.  We created a series of light-hearted WebOuts Email that featured one of Camera Corner’s team members dressed up as a Green Bay football player.  

The first set of emails were sent out to notify vendors and clients of the expo date, and invite them to register.  After the WebOut message completed, the viewers were automatically transitioned to the event registration page.  The second set of emails (featured above) were sent out a few days after the expo.  The purpose of these emails were to thank the vendors and clients for their participation, and to receive feedback for the following year’s expo.  These emails also featured a transition that redirected the users to a survey after the “Thank You” message had completed.

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