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Affinity "Find a Doctor" WebOuts  //  5.6.2013
Meet hundreds of doctors online using your home computer, iPad, iPhone or Android device.

Project Description

Selecting a doctor for yourself or your family is a very personal decision. Most medical organizations have a “Find a Doctor” section on their website that shows a picture and a couple of paragraphs about the doctor… but is that really enough? We’ve done hundreds of WebOuts for Affinity Health System since 2007, and they’ve made a significant difference. Perspective patients are able to browse hundreds of doctors, meet them online, and learn not only about their medical expertise but also learn about their personality and if they would be a good fit for the perspective patient.

Our new WebOuts are compatible with Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones/tablets and are very bandwidth friendly on mobile devices.

From a technical perspective, most “Find a Doctor” pages are dynamically created using a single page template. We’ll work with your web department to assist them with the installation, and most are pleasantly surprised how easy it to quickly get everything setup. In most situations, the installation simply requires uploading a folder to the server and adding a couple lines of code to your page template.

If you’re looking quickly build a personal relationships with your perspective customers and patients, give us a call today and we’ll put together a custom solution for your business!

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