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WebOuts Presentations

Before making an important purchase, subscribing to a service or partnering with an organization, most consumers are now doing all of their research online. Many consumers have already made their final decision about a product or organization, prior to stepping foot into the store.

WebOuts Presentations allow you deliver an effective boardroom/press conference style presentation, right on your website. Your presentations will provide a consistent, high-quality first impression of your products, services, sales professionals, and support team. This first impression is vital to building the comfort and confidence that leads perspective clients to select one option over another.

Featured Presentations
HP POD - Palo Alto, CA

We traveled across the country to put together several WebOuts Presentations for HP.

These presentations feature a combination of existing graphics that HP already had on file along with new footage and photography that we shot on location.

What is a WebOuts Presentation

WebOuts Presentations allow you to relationally communicate with prospective clients by providing a backdrop to add supportive images, video, audio and text to your WebOut message. The end result is high-quality presentation that delivers important information about your product, while allowing potential customers to meet your product experts and sales staff.

Mobile Compatibility

WebOuts Presentations are compatible will all of the latest smartphones and tablets. Whether your viewers are on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone, they’ll enjoy the same rich experience on every device.

Turn-key Scripting

Figuring out what to say and how to say it is often the most difficult aspect of the any video production process, that’s why we offer turn-key scripting. We take the time to learn about your business, and carefully craft a script that accurately represents who you are and the message you want to communicate.

Using Existing Content vs. Producing New Content

There are a lot of great options when it comes to developing content for your WebOuts Presentation. Many of our clients already have existing photography and video that fits the message of their presentation. We’ll review your existing media with you and advise on the best way to incorporate it into your presentation.

Some of our clients only have photography on file, but they want their presentation to be more dynamic than a traditional slideshow. We have the ability to take existing photography and animate it in a 3-D space. This is a really neat effect that breaths new life into your photos and captures the viewer’s attention. Click here to view a sample video of our Still-to-3D capabilities.

"We have the ability to take existing photography and animate it in a 3-D space."

For clients who do not have content on file or need help developing content that is more directly related to their presentation message, we offer custom photography and video production services as well. With over 15 years of active video production experience, you can be confident that we’ll capture content that effectively supports your message and enhances your image.

Presentations Inside WebOut 360s
Affinity Health System - Appleton, WI

The Affinity Robotics 360 above is a great example of how WebOuts Presentations can be incorporated into many different platforms.

Affinity Health System - Appleton, WI

Placement and Activation Options

WebOuts Presentation can easily be incorporated into any page within a matter of minutes. Like WebOuts, the installation process is as simple as uploading a folder to your server and pasting a line of HTML.

We offer the option to either embed the presentation into your page, as you would with a traditional image or video; or you can have the presentation overlay the page with a “lightbox” effect.

Presentations can either play automatically or be click-to-activate. We also have the ability to build it cookies so that a presentation may auto-play on the first visit, and then be click-to-activate for additional visits.

Example Uses For WebOuts Presentations

• Sales Presentations
• Company History
• Product Demonstrations
• In-depth answers to common questions
• Internal Communications
• Teaching and Training
• Communicate Organizational Values

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