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WebOuts Emails

Featured WebOut Emails
Radisson Paper Valley Hotel - Appleton, WI

This fun and light-hearted email was used to invite customers and vendors to a special event.

Insight Magazine - Fox Cities, WI

This WebOuts Email features a Quick Response Form that makes it easy for viewers to follow through on the call-to-action.

Over the past few years, the number of smartphone users has surged worldwide. Email marketing is no longer just an option for modern businesses, it’s a necessity. We now have the ability to instantly deliver a targeted message to potential or existing customers, through a medium that is more dynamic, effective, and cost efficient than traditional direct mailing campaigns.

The downfall to most email marketing campaigns is that they’ve been reduced to flyer-like ads that are text-heavy and impersonal. So how do you set your organization apart from all the physical and virtual junk mail? By personally delivering your message in a way that makes the recipient feel valued for their business and for their time, rather than “here, look at this ad…we have a sale”. Take the time to personally tell them about your event or new product, and then automatically take them to your site where they can learn more.

"Email marketing is no longer just an option for modern businesses, it’s a necessity."

How Does it Work

There are two parts to a WebOuts Email, the email and the landing page. The email is themed around your company colors and contains your logo, a headline, an abbreviated message, contact information, a full-length image of you, and an invitation to click on the email to learn more and play the message. The landing page is where your email comes to life! Once the user clicks on the email they are brought to a landing page that is identical to the email, but contains your full message and plays your WebOut where you can deliver a personal message to your recipients.

WebOut Email Examples

• New Product Announcements
• Event Invitations
• Inter-organizational Messages From Leadership
• Customer Service Representative Introduction
• Pre-meeting Introduction
• Post-meeting Follow-up
• Political Campaigns
• Holiday Greetings
• Customer Feedback Requests
• Thank You for Attendance/Purchase

Works With All Major Email Marketing Services

Many of our clients use online email marketing services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, or iContact. WebOut Emails can easily be sent through any of these services, along with most other online email marketing services. Email open and click-through rates can be tracked just like if you were to use one of their built-in templates.

Higher Click-Through Rates

Because of the unique combination of personalization, design, and interactivity, WebOut Emails consistently receive noticeably higher click-through rates than traditional email marketing newsletters.

Mobile Compatibility Without the Compromise

Once again, WebOuts is the only company in our industry that can provide the exact same experience on mobile devices and desktop computers.

"Automatically transition (redirect) the viewer to any page on your site, without the need for them to make another click."

Automatically Transition to Any Site

When your WebOut Email’s message has completed, the experience isn’t over. Automatically transition (redirect) the viewer to any page on your site, without the need for them to make another click. This is an excellent way to keep your viewer engaged and increases the likelihood that they’ll follow through on your call-to-action.

Reusable Messages

While we don’t traditionally think of reusability when it comes to email, there are certain WebOut Email messages that can be reused daily and instantly. For example, we have an “I’m looking forward to meeting with you” email that can be sent out before meetings. This is a great way to break the ice, and deliver a consistent first impression every time.

Your Audience Deserves Better

If you feel your audience deserves better than a simple electronic flyer in their inbox, visit the Contact page or give us a call at 920.427.8800. To learn more, continue to explore the site and make sure to check out our “Featured Projects” section.