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WebOuts 360

A Showroom Quality Experience for Your Online Customers

Featured WebOut 360s
Affinity Health System - Appleton, WI

The Affinity Robotics 360 above is a great example of how WebOuts Presentations can be incorporated into many different platforms.

At retail centers across the globe, customers are able to inspect and interact with the products they are considering purchasing. They are able to see the bold or even subtle features and textures that separate the qualities of one product from another. With sales staff at hand, customers have access to experts who can help them make educated decisions about which products are right for them.

Sales professionals do much more than just answer questions and ring up sales, they perform as ambassadors for their employer and for the products they are selling. With every smile, kindness, and expert opinion shared by the employee, the customer’s confidence in the organization is fostered and grows. Most organizations that we consult with have mastered this powerful interpersonal sales process; however, we find that nearly all manufacturers and vendors (worldwide) have completely neglected to provide for these basic human experiences with their sales efforts online.

WebOuts 360 is an incredibly flexible platform; built to help you provide for the relational and experiential needs that your clients have. Imagine providing a near showroom quality experience for your online customers! A product experience that is immersive and interactive, and one that puts your professionalism and expertise on display as well. How would this level of service affect your competitive position?

"A product experience that is immersive and interactive, and one that puts your professionalism and expertise on display as well. "

Your Product or Service, Inside and Out

We built the WebOuts 360 platform to be the most flexible resource for promoting products and services online. From internal tours of Hospitals and Schools to external product views of Fire Trucks and Complicated Machinery, the WebOuts 360 platform provides detailed views from every important angle.

Interactive Hotspots

In addition to viewing the product or environment in a full 360 degrees, we’ve created “Hotspots” that allow you to provide additional information about key features and benefits. Customers can learn more by selecting hotspots over areas that they are interested in. Once the hotspot has been selected, you can further educate your customer with:

• Detailed Images with Text Descriptions
• WebOuts
• WebOuts Presentations
• Custom Video
• Other WebOut 360s
• Text Descriptions
• Custom Interactive Experiences - the options available are nearly limitless.

By providing WebOuts of your staff on any of these options, you can describe in detail why key product features are important for your customer to consider.

Featured Virtual Tour
St. Elizabeth Hospital - Appleton, WI

Tour St. Elizabeth Hospitals new birthing center.

WebOuts 360 Virtual Tour Features

Technically, the WebOut 360 tours are very impressive. They are compatible with both Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones/tablets, and load extremely fast. We utilize intelligent algorithms that anticipate where the user is going to scroll and loads only the files that come into their field of view. This intelligence allows us to reduce loading times and save our clients bandwidth, while still providing a highly detailed and interactive experience.

By incorporating WebOuts, Presentations, and Informational Hotspots into your WebOuts 360 Virtual Tour, your visitors (potential customers) will begin to develop a sense of comfort, confidence, and familiarity with your facility; which is often what leads a potential customer to favor one business over another.

Featured Product Tour
CMD Corporation - Appleton, WI

View the CMD 864 in 360 degrees, zoom in for extreme details, view custom photography in a photo gallery, read about product specifications, and view informational presentations given by CMD’s product experts.

WebOuts 360 Product Tour Features

Consistently build confidence, excitement, and trust in your potential customers as you and your staff guide them through an interactive showcase of your products.

Like our Virtual Tours, our WebOuts 360 Product Tours are compatible with both Apple (iOS) and Android smartphones/tablets. WebOuts 360 Product Tours allow you to view an item as if it was right in front of you. Rotate the product by simply dragging your mouse or finger across the screen, and select hotspots to view presentations and interactive content.

Our navigation area provides a place to include a “Features and Benefits” description, an image gallery, and custom links like “Buy Now” or “Contact Us”. Another standard feature in the navigation area is the magnifying glass, the magnifying glass allows you to zoom in and see all of the rich details built into every angle of the product.

Create Your Online Showroom

If you’re ready to give your visitors a showroom quality experience, visit the Contact page or give us a call at 920.427.8800. To learn more, continue to explore the site and make sure to check out our “Featured Projects” section.