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Featured WebOut Projects
Affinity Health System - Appleton, WI

Affinity's perspective patients are able to browse hundreds of doctors, meet them online, and learn about their medical expertise.

Miles Kimball - Oshkosh, WI

Miles Kimball's WebOut campaign doubled sales and increased traffic by 1500%.

Relate. Educate. Inspire. Motivate

When we talk with friends and clients about how they grow their businesses, it all comes down to one thing: Relationships.

Think of how you go about making an important purchase; you research the price and quality of product / service, determine if the business is credible, and consider the customer service that you’ll receive after the sale. As you make these considerations, would you like to buy from someone you personally know and trust or from someone you’ve never met? Giving prospective clients the ability to meet you online is a great first step in building the authentic relationships that lead to business growth and sales.

How to Use WebOuts

So how do we go about building relationships with perspective clients? The first step is introducing yourself and allowing perspective clients to meet you and your team, as you tell them about your business or organization. A great way to accomplish this first step online is with WebOuts!

WebOuts can be used to greet visitors when they first visit your website, introduce prospective clients to your staff, personally tell visitors about your products/services, update customers and employees on changes within your organization, and give a personal invitation to special events.

Who Appears in the WebOut?

You and your team! While there are some cases where a paid spokesperson can be a good option, most of the time the best way to build a relationship with the client is for them to meet YOU. At first thought, the idea of being in front of a camera may be a scary one; but our experienced talent coaches are there to help and encourage you through the filming process… believe it or not, you’ll actually have fun!

Turn-key Scripting

Figuring out what to say and how to say it is often the most difficult aspect of the any video production process, that’s why we offer turn-key scripting. We take the time to learn about your business, and carefully craft a script that accurately represents who you are and the message you want to communicate.

"We take the time to learn about your business, and carefully craft a script that accurately represents who you are and the message you want to communicate."

For many of our “Find a Doctor” or “Meet the Staff” WebOuts, we use our proprietary online script development tool that allows us to rapidly survey, create, track, and review scripts with our customers. Whether it is one script or one thousand scripts, we have the capacity to efficiently produce quality scripts customized for each WebOut.

Mobile Devices

WebOuts is the first and only company in our industry to bring the full desktop experience onto many mobile devices. While our competitors (who also rely on paid talent) resort using a standard square-box video on mobile devices, we’ve actually been able to achieve background transparency on most smartphones and tablets. Combined with our advanced shooting, editing, and programming techniques, we’re able to deliver sharp videos to mobile devices that load fast and are bandwidth friendly.

Installation On Your Site

With a background in web development, we know what its like to have a new project thrown on your desk when you already have a full work load. What is it? How does it work? How does this fit into our site? How do I maintain it? Is this going to create a bunch of extra work for me? Having experienced this situation many times ourselves; we designed WebOuts to make the installation process as clean and easy as possible.

"Your web developers will be pleasantly surprised when they discover how easy the installation process is."

Your web developers will be pleasantly surprised when they discover how easy the installation process is. Simply upload a folder to your server and paste one line of HTML into your page – that’s it! If they do have any concerns, we’ll be there to guide them all of the way through the installation process; and we have a 100% installation success rate.

Here are a few other items to note regarding the installation process:
• WebOuts can be installed on both traditional and dynamically created pages.
• Positioning, play style, cookies and analytics can all be easily adjusted, even after the WebOuts go live.
• It’s your WebOut; you own it! We do not charge any on-going hosting fees like many of our competitors.
• One-on-one technical support for the installation is always included with every WebOut.

Placement and Positioning

WebOuts can easily be integrated into your site without any restructuring of its pages. There are two main ways that WebOuts can be placed/positioned on your page.

The first (and most popular) technique we use is called “floating”, which places the WebOut at the bottom of the web browser window. Unlike a typical image or an embedded video, the WebOut remains in view as the user scrolls up and down through the page. When floating the WebOut, we also have the ability to adjust the horizontal position of the WebOut (in relation to the browser window) as well. This is a great option for both the developer and the site visitor, because it doesn’t require any page customization and it guarantees that the visitor will receive the message regardless of where they are on the page.

The other technique that we use is called “absolute positioning”. “Absolute positioning” gives the WebOut an exact location on the page (like a regular image or video); this is a good option for smaller pages that do not require a lot of scrolling. Some clients clear out a designated area on the page where the WebOut will play, others choose to have the WebOut temporarily overlay a spot on the page.

Regardless of how you choose to position your WebOut, it can be easily adjusted at any time; and we’ll be there to make recommendations along the way.

Custom Branding / QR Form
Schenck SC - Appleton, WI

The Schenck SC example above features custom branded player controls, and a Quick Response Form that allows visitors to immediately respond to the WebOut's call to action.

Branding and Player Controls

Every WebOut comes with its own loading notification and player controls, and while the standard controls look great, many clients would prefer to have their own branding and colors. The controls allow the user to play, pause, rewind, or close the WebOut and their actions can be tracked through almost any analytics service.

Playback Options

There are a lot of great options for how Webouts can play on your site:
• Autoplay only on the first page visit
• Autoplay every time
• Click-to-play
• Play different a WebOut when a user returns to the page
• Randomly select from several WebOuts
• Play a new WebOut depending on date or season.


WebOuts natively work with Google Analytics, just give us your ID number and you’re all set! You will be able to track loads, plays, pauses, rewinds, early closes, and competitions. If you are using another type of analytics software, we’ll work with you to customize the WebOuts to report to your analytics.

Start Building Relationships Today

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